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UDI's DBP Models Yum Yum


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Its been a while due to the dramas of my life over the past few years and the newer members won't of seen any of my collection (I'm lucky enough to own 1300+ mainly Ford based models) so I thought I'd start with what I regard as my favourites :-*

DBP Models

I'll keep adding to this over the next few weeks...I apologise for the quality of the photos as they don't do the models justice but hey I think you get the idea

Right then I will start with the two variants I own of the County 1184

Both models in the DBP box with individually Limited Edition Certificate signed by David Purdue

My standard version was Limited to 999 models (I'm not sure if that many came off the production line) Mine is dated 1st April 2007 and is number 107



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Was never a fan of County's but that model looks a very nice replica, do you have a Ford 7700 2wd in that big collection of yours?

Yes I have at least a couple, I don't have the models to hand as they are boxed up but yes.. :-

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Wasn't a top link and pto guard standard on those long nose Counties or just kept somewhere else I wonder? Stunning though, I'd be happy with any of them in my collection,

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