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D.Marshall Farm Model tractor builds!

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Looks just like the real deal. The paint job is impeccable! [you]The[/you] best 8340 conversion I've seen, I just hope Imber can live up to this accuracy when their 8340 is released.

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Almost looks like it could be an Imber!! Really smart and clever how you have kept the front tombstone to make the.most of the Imber accessories. Are the lights painted or have you managed to use the Imber clear plastic lenses in there too?

I have never known what S L E means either actually, I know what it does and for all the hours I have spent in them I like the spec very much. Anybody know? I presume the E stands for Electric/al being the difference to the SL.

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Great model - like it a lot.

I think it could be a while before we see Imber produce once of these....perhaps as long as it's taken Ros to get to the F130 Winner!

Not sure what SLE stands for - S usually stood for Special in cars from Ford - but the SL was the basic model I think. I agree that E presumably stood for Electronic....Special ________ Electronic?

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Thanks for all The Great comments on my tractor..Makes it really worth wile of building them.

She rolled of the stand and only thing that broke was the back window..so she's well put together anyway....Imber faulty window..hahah :) (landed on her wheels..I could have cried..was my fault..tried to catch her ad ripped window clean of her)

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WHat a great model youve build!

I think it is a nightmare when you see the model falling down!

I had it a few times when i where painting bonnet's and that was horible to see!

I look forward to see more conversions from youre hand!

Kind regards Johny ;)

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