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1979 County 7600-4


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Another one of Tabmodels fantastic creations, the County 7600-4, a pocket rocket 4wd of its day!! sitting in the barn, together with a few bits and pieces from the mid-seventies through to mid-eighties.










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19 hours ago, mb86 said:

Great model and great photos, especially the black and white ones. Why are the weights only the left wheel?


Thanks for the comments, regarding the wheel weights - was unsure which looked best - with or without :of think I will probably go with the weights, especially if it is photographed with a draft implement such as a plough or heavy cultivator.

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1 hour ago, Tractorman810 said:

Nice addition to a old fleet , be a nice baling  tractor I recon 

Yes I agree, I would like to set it up as a baler dio - its the same set up we had when I was at school (together with a Meijer Holland flat 8 bale sledge), still kick myself - saw a lovely scratch built Meijer Holland at Zwolle 2 years ago - thought I would pick it up later in the day.....went back and it had gone :-[ 

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Very nice model . The 76 was a big tractor in its day & very popular among contractors . Still quiet a lot if them around my area & their owners will never part with them .  The County versions never really took off in Ireland and were quiet rare . If you asked me my opinion on the wheel weights . Id say better & more  original looking without . Those rear rims are too good to hide under weights !!

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3 hours ago, Goodiestractor said:

Hi JP i thought you were going to say the weights are because its a Hedgecutting tractor, as for not getting the Meijer sledge at Zwolle you know what

the American Pickers say, when you see it,is the time to buy it.


Good call Graham! I wasn't smart enough to think of that one - need to pinch Mr Smiths excellent scratch built hedge cutter - would look good on the 7600 :rolleyes:

Your right about Zwolle, but it can be a bit hectic at times ;)

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3 hours ago, chris.watson said:

Lovely addition, Ian made me one of those 76's, and I also opted for the larger rear tyres and I am very pleased with it. Love the older machines in your dio, that's the golden era of farming for me.

Thanks for that Chris, like you - I'm very pleased with the 7600, lovely model.

Regarding the era, couldn't agree more - love the machines from this period (in fact anywhere from mid/late 60's through to early mid 90's). I can't deny the new machines are very impressive - even if its just for the sheer size, comfort and technology that's involved, but somehow they don't seem to have the same character or charm of the older machines......maybe its a case of rose tinted glasses and nostalgia, I'm not sure - but give me the oldies any day!!  

(having said that - if I had to spend a dusty 12 hour day sat on an Claas Senator, they might start to lose some of their charm.......;D )

I have many plans and ideas for little diarama's and set ups for this era, particularly harvest times (with lots of claas and ford, plus a few others, :)) but its a case of finding the time, I need to make more effort!

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