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Britains back-of-box farm scenes


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Sadly, something we don't see much anymore is imagery on the back of boxes showing anything other than the item inside.

Britains used to be good in this regard, with the early 1980s boxes featuring a drawing of a fairly generic farm scene (e.g. a nondescript tractor) but pictures of part of the range:


Then, later in the decade, my favourite, the banded boxes featured a painting of a very busy farm - the beauty of this was that the bigger the book was, more was shown on the image:


In the mid-1990s, an image similar to the 1996 catalogue (http://www.britains-toy-soldiers.com/photos/catalogues/1996.jpg) was used (as far as I can recall, unfortunately I don't have a picture to hand), and then in the 2000s the boxes for farmyard accessories had a picture of a number of models, but away from a farmyard. A nice idea, but rather cluttered.



Have there been any others, by Britains or a different maker? What are people's favourites?

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FNHIR i loved the straw  boxes from the 70s the implement had its own sketched out diorama also had the Massey 135  with ford 5000 with early cab or more common cab for fords 

Also had a the outline silouete tractors 

You had the ford 6600 mf 595 deuts tractor massey 135 but if you look close its a mf 595 without cab 

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Interesting topic, I’ve often thought the modern box is boring, I think as a kid those  pictures / farmyard set ups really captured your imagination, and actually were a very effective marketing tool. As has been said so often before - so much potential for Britain’s! 

Just a bit before my time, but I do think think the straw boxes with the image on the rear were one of the nicest, albeit structurally weak

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To be honest, I hardly ever look at the back of Britains boxes ... but I will do now. I also know some boxes had a sort of mirrored image on them with actual Britains tractors and implements, photographed from the back, love those as well!

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