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Landini 6550 1/32, made out of a Massey Ferguson 1014 from ROS

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Hi all,


As i've worked on dairy farms in my puberty an adolesence-time, i recall fine memories from working on a local farm using a Landini 6550 VeloxDrive.

So, collecting scalemodels with which i have a certain affinity, there should simply be a model of that type Landini.

But as you all probably know, there aren't that much scalemodels of Landini tractors.

So that kind of leaves the only possibilty to try to make one yourselfs. For that reason i purchased a model made by ROS, a Massey Ferguson 1014, since these models look quite the same, in real life as on scale. That purchase may be some 15 years ago, but it always was there, in the back of my mind, that the day would arrive to start re-shaping it to the Landini 6550. In the mean time i'm about four weeks busy now, and the result is coming to what i want it to be.

Time for some pictures now:

First of all some pictures of the original model from ROS, the MF1014:






Seems ther even was a collectors-set with a tracked-version, as shown above.


Now, dis-assembling wasn't that hard to do, but there was still a lot to re-shape, so saw and hand-file were needed a lot. For instance i assembled and mounted a drawbar and hitch (European version) to make the model look more realistic, and no longer a toy.

This is a picture i made from the frontpage of an original leaflet, which i collected bakc then, which shows the 1:1-version, almost like the one i've worked with:




Next thing to do is to put the die-cast body and parts into the paint-remover. Back when i've worked in a trading company which imported and recovered tractors, i got to know the difference between the paint remover sold at lumberyards, and the professional version a simple consumer cannot get anywhere. Well, that made a hell of a lot difference.

So, starting to work on the Landini-project, i dsicovered my stock was down to zero, and i had to visit a local car damage repair company, and ask them to sell me some new paint remover of professional quality. Simply because that does do the trick in minutes!

Here's the result:






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Hi again,


And as we continue, the first thing to build, but not on pictures here to see, was the rear hitch and drawbar. This was made from a kit from Artisan32, a French company which makes a lot of stuff one can use for building and detailling agricultural models. The version i've used was this one:


To make a toy change into a serious scale-model, this is a first priority i.m.h.o.

Then there's this issue about the interior of the cab, there's simply nothing in it which is like the real thing. So there's a lot to do!







And i hope it's quite obvious to see, but i'm a BIG fan of details! It's sometimes really hard to do because some parts are really too small to hold in your hands, you definitely need a pair of tweezers, but in the end...............i just love it!!

The seat i've used was a left-over from a Zetor-building-kit i've built last year, made by a Czech supplier.

For those of you who would like to take a look ahead in the proces: take a look at my scale-modelling website:


There's a whole lot more to see there, you know.....😉


To be continued..............


Best regards,


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On 1/29/2022 at 4:50 PM, Stabliofarmer said:

Looking great so far Jan, what primer are you using in your airbrush? 


Hi James,

I'm a big fan of all products of Zero Paints, located somewhere in the UK, but supplied by a local Dutch supplier over here.

They make a wide range of colors, and are increasing their products in the "agricultural" and "earth-moving"-equipment!

All pre-thinned and ready-to-use from the bottle! Although this white primer i  just thinned a bit more.

Here's their website: https://www.zero-paints.com/


Best regards,


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Hi all,


Thank you guys for your replies! Hope you enjoy what's being produced!

The next challenge were the steps. Made of square tubes in real life, but i didn't have anything which suited that. So there's nothing left (again....) to scratch something, and to be honest: it really isn't that hard. You just take a piece of round iron wire, thick enough, two hammers with one of them in a vice, and a great part of patience and a sharp view to produce your own square rod. The individual steps i've made of a narrow strip of plastic mesh material i purchased to make a realistic grille for my Caterpillar D8H (maybe i should open a Post on that one someday....🤔).

Some images of the process:














Glueing them to the bottom of the cabin, i realized they're mounted in a small angle, so that ultimately had to be done in the latest step.




Scratch-made mirrors don't function without a real (looking) mirror-glass off course, so that part was done also today:





A tiny piece of a chromed sticker i once saved for issues as this!  😉

Perfectionism will pay off in the end........🤣


Have yourself a nice weekend!!



Best regards,



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Hi all,


Thanks for your compliments!
@Nigel: indeed, this is scale 1/32. The wheels i've purchased from a French supplier, Artisan 32.

A bit more specific: HERE you can find them. Size is 52 x 14 mm's.

They come by pair, including the rims.

Do you happen to have a web-link to your windscreen-wipers, as spare part, perhaps? On your website i only could find the complete kit of the Track Marshall, but these double-arm wipers would indeed fit properly!
Although ordering and sending to the Netherlands might be quite expensive and difficult these days............

Many thanks in advance!



Best regards,


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Hi all,


@justy 46: You're absolutely right there Justin! The rims which are on the brochure-tractor most definitely were the ones on the Landini i've worked with, although that was fitted with larger size wheels, which resulted in a higher transport-speed. These rims probably were used also on the Massey-Ferguson-version, as i remember the Fergusons had these rims on a lot of their models too. Or do i speak rubbish now........? 🤔

The number of wheelbolts also do not match the wheels i've used. But my most important criterion was the size. The original wheels which were on the (MF-)model simply were too small, and of a different type rim.

Of course i would've prefered wheels which were as the original, but that combination turned out to be untraceable.

But anyway, thanks for noticing!


Best regards,


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