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mf 1505 (re tread)

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yes they are 6290 wheels and thanks for the positive comments ;) have now got red hubs fitted in the centres, not selling her now :o did think of duels but looks ok as it is to save the expence of 4 more wheels (unless anyone has some cheep?) she will be been sent on a short holiday to beverely to get her hitch sorted once ive booked her in ;D i feel it has really improved a lacking model, its 110% in detail but the wheels let it down.

didnt realise the original centres are real cast till i took the tyres off, its much lighter now ::)

i guess the real tractor would have 13.4r36s fitted and the ones ive put on will be about 18.4r38s?

may make some to sell, do you think there would be any interest?

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