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Bunning 14 tonne root trailer


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Been working on a play mate for my beet harvesters and here it is. It''s based on a trailer made by GT Bunning and sons who are local to me. I thought that it would look good alongside the harvester, only started it last night and so far I'm pleased with the results. the trailer will eventually have the Siku flaotation wheels on it off their Joskin trailer. let me know what you think of it so far :)



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Looks good Gav

How well does that stuff stick together ?

is it pretty strong?


Cheers Nick :)

It sticks, well melts together well with Plastic weld and is fairly strong and easy to work with

You did all that last night! :o My county Fc isn't finished after 16 months! :D :D

I don't hang about, I want to send it off for casting as soon as posible. I spent 2 hours on it last night and 4 hours today so far :);)

Coming on nicely Gav......Looks good beside the beet harvester...... :)

What colour are Bunning trailers finished in these days?  :) :) ;)

Cheers Martin :)

Bunnings blue is the normal but as they are built to order they will paint them any colour, even titty pink before someone says it :D :D ;)

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Awesome Gavvers

Keep this up and you won't be having to send em away, you'll be getting your own casting machine and we'll be sending our bits to you  ;):D :D :D

Thanks Scott :)

I aren't making that much money yet :o:D :D

the trailer looks good with its mate :)

hyd door or swing back ???

Thanks Dan :)

It will be a Hydraulic door, no one fits swing doors to root trailers any more :);)

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oooeeerrr gav leave you alone for one week and look what you make, looks great

Cheers Sean, turn your back on me for 5 minutes and you never know what will happen :D :D

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