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Man... I have seen some ugly cabs in my time... but check this out

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Ugly it may be, but in the pre heated 'Q' cab days, being warm would have far outweighed its appearance. Spect you had two choices, either freeze yer clangers off working all day on an unheated tractor, or fit one of those. Wouldn't want to drive one with a diesel leak on the engine. ::)

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Thankyou  :)

Did they also do a sideline in tents?


           sleepingbags?   :D :D ;D ;D

Hey marky looks like you can go camping

put all yer new camping gear into the back of a trailer

towed by fanny

just see it now massey livery tent :D;D ;D ;D ;D

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Looks nice and cosy to me,bet theres a lot of old tractor drivers out there who cant get there legs straight anymore through years of working winters without protection from the cold.Yep I think its quite pretty Would look nice on Fanny

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