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Been a long while!

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The last scratch built model I made, I was 16 years old

It was a jet powered boat, the tiny "jetex" engine (about an inch or so long) was the latest thing in the  modeling world then, it ran on solid fuel, and if I remember rightly, looked a bit like an asprin pill

You then lit a fuse, when this had burned down (about 5 seconds or so) there was a great "whoosh" from this tiny jet engine, and of across the lake would hurtle my "scratchbuilt" hydroplane.........but, it never would cross the small lake, as the solid fuel pill was burnt out in less then ten seconds, leaving the model way out in the lake, and me relying on the wind to eventually blow it to shore

That was fifty years ago, and there was no model building during the next  half century!

Then some 6 weeks ago I joined this forum, as it seemed a vibrant place to be, and it rekindled my interest in models, I had never heard of "Plastruct" and cannot recollect ever hearing the word "Diorama"..........but with what I learned from this forum, and links to various websites, I created "Akey's Yard" (based on my own real life in the 70/80's) which has had quite a few favorable comments from members here..........encouraged, I ordered some of this "Plastruct" stuff.........well, I had to get in on the act, didn't I!

I am much in awe, seeing some of the tractor conversions by the members here, and cannot hope to achieve their standards of skill and patience, so my stuff will be a bit more basic, but shall perservere to get to an acceptable standard

When the plastic arrived, I spent some time handling it, trying to visualise what I was going to build with it.............I then decided on something pretty basic, something I had seen on, I think, every farm I have ever been on.........yeah, the old farm trailer, normally based on an expired farm truck, utilising the wheels, sometimes the axle, sometimes the whole chassis with a drawbar in place of the cab..........and so my scratchbuilt, first in fifty years, but wont be my last!


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nice job there akey, nearly gone & almost forgotten, these trailers still get dragged out of the brambles for half a days work a year !

captured yours just right , even down to the look of ten bad coats of any available paint & the rust still makeing an appearance , the bent top rail  finishes it for me :)

ps ; make sure you have affixed at least one wheel wonky . to give the effect of a collapsed bearing  :D

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