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John Deere with triple power harrow - PICTURES


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That is one hell of a set-up...... :o

Very interesting pictures Kev......Cheers for posting them mate...... :)

Only took me 12 months to catch him. I stood there waving at the edge of the field but he didn't stop!! Probably couldn't!! :D :D :D I will get the close ups he promised me if it kills me!!

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Don't know but I WILL find out!! Might take 12 months again!! :D :D

I may have to go look in the loft on this one for you, I'm sure about 8 or 9 years ago these were a feature in the 'Practical Farm Ideas' magazine, detailing how they were built and why they were built, not sure if I still have it or if it got binned in the house move last year though :-\ It certainly made an interesting read at the time :)

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I'm thinking like this;

1 driver instead of 3

1 tractor instead of 3

The donkey engines may use a lot of fuel but I'm guessing they will be using less than a tractor as they only need to power up the PTO and not propel themselves as the main tractor is doing all the work.

If he is short of staff to do the work or funds to buy bigger machinery and tractors then this looks like a logical solution to me.

I bet someone with basic engineering skills could cobble one together out of used parts and machinery for ?3k or so, a third the cost of a cheap tractor.

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