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Ford 4000 (not just a new set of decals)

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As we've seen on ebay the Ford 4000 conversion which are just the Ford 5000 with a new set of decals, making them look wrong because the 4000 is shorter because it has a 3 pot engine and not the 4 pot like the 5000. I desided to have a go at doing the 4000 with the shorter engine. Just got to get some decals for it now



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looks good, great infact but back wheels look a bit small??

she's on row crops (the wheel centres are the new 5000 ) ;D trouble is finding a good match tyre that will give the effect that the 4000 is smaller in height to the 5000.  think one way round would be fit the 5000 with the wheels/tyres off a 7000 and then fit  the 4000 with the wheels/tryes off the 5000?  :-\

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Looks pretty good to me.

      Standard 4000 wheels were 11 x 36's, as opposed to 12 x 38's, on the 5000, so they would look smaller. The 4000's also had six stud half shafts, and optional 14 x 30 tyres. A set of Scaledown 14 x 30 Major wheels would look great on it, as they are six stud and similar in  design for the 4000. The correct rim for a 4000 had a detachable centre, although the fixed centre Major rims were quite commonly fitted

      The other thing to remember for accuracy; is that the front tombestone (Axle mounting block) has a lower frontal area. The four bolt mounting face is shallower and the front axle pivot is a separate item bolted under the front block and  visible from the front. The 5000 axle pivot was part of the complete casting.

    If you don't understand what I mean; I can try and find a picture of it on a leaflet for you. ;):)

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