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Valtra black diamond


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If your Black Diamond Valtra has teeth JamesT then it must be one beast of a tractor!  :o

My model came yesterday, very nice in silver-grey and metallic black and the box is very nicely printed as well in its 'blue ice diamond' colouring but in my opinion spoilt by the importers, Accurate Diecast having their insignia enblazened on it.  ::)

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Funny how different our views are  ;)

UTS has sold a few (that would not normally purchase that model) purely because of them liking the different style box

Thats what makes the world go round I guess  ;)

Could'nt agree more, it just seems to me that seeing Accurate Diecast's adverts in the magazines and their rather 'loaded' prices just smells a little of 'nose in the air' type attitude. I may be a little synical but that's just what stikes me.    They are numbered underneath, the one I have is 836.

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Just bought one of these, lovely model. I'm not that clued up on Valtra's, but is the little handwheel at the inside rear of the cab for reverse drive?

Yep, it is - also the bulge on the back of the cab for knees/feet.  :)

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If you get on ebay, ?20 delivered  :) A very good value limited edition in my opinion, not much more than the standard model and actually numbered as well.

I like the different box, not to my taste, but good to see some effort. I just wish they had used a different style box for the older 1/32 tractors now, could have done something ???

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