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Britains County 1884

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This is something that has been on the go for a while, it started life as a battered 1884 with a smashed cab and a cracked bonnet (although it is no longer on the powerfarm chassis). Still some work to do, the cab roof needs to be painted properly and I will add lights, mirrors etc. when I get round to ordering some. The rear linkage  is missing one of the blue arms, but I'm sure it'll turn up.



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Steering county axle is still destined for the FC1174 (which is still getting there...slowly  :) )

This axle is the Deutz Bayern, but with the 'hubs' mounted on top of the axle and attached in a similar fashion to the original, but with longer nails instead of the original screws...like a high rise kit but in reverse ;) I think it looks ok, about as close as i could get without scratch building another....which I never will :D i just wanted this one finished so off the shelf parts it was. Next time I'm seriously considering the Siku TW model with a bit of grinding to the mudguards as the base, the front chassis shape seems a lot better suited.

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Counties are easier :D...I've also run out of plastic card so i can't make the rear mudguards, but I have been thinking about it, and now have some Nissan 526 Red :)

well if you need any help just ask me and i wil give you some tips ;)

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