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De-box a britains model competition!


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Further to R-D-F's idea of yesterday, I have just de-boxed a Case puma and captured it on video for you to see.

Both box and model are undamaged and done in a respectable 50 seconds (ish), I think I could do it in less than 40 so I need to order more models!

Cover your ears @ 33 seconds...  ::)


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To be honest taking a new britains model out of a box and dewiring is easy I find that its putting the model back in it's box and held in place takes longer cos the bloody wires are now to short usally have to use some lighting cable to refasten the model back down :)

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The best way to open the end flaps on the box without tearing them is to slide something thin like a knife in vertically from the top or bottom just at the corner and gently prise it out. Otherwise the way the flaps are designed to interlock means there is a pretty good chance of tearing the endflap it you just pull on it like jas did in the video. I like to keep all the packaging in as good condition when opening the boxes, so I always unwind the wires carefully with a pliers and store them in the box along with the little plastic things they are threaded through. I find that it doesn't take that long to remove the model carefully, certainly in comparison to how long you are going to have it sitting on your shelf!! UH models can be difficult though because they are so delicate.

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