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Gold 9420T


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I think around 100 Sean.

That precision looks tastey though, am tempted, but I guess its not Britains at the end of the day so would it carry the same value as rare Britains?

I was only thinking the same 30 minutes back  ;):D

Its gotta be worth that money though and a good investment too  ;)

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If I recall the boxes these come in are solid boxes with no windows. So were these randomly inserted into shipments or were they sent special to the dealerships? If they were sent random I would not be happy having some greedy guy opening all the boxes and pulling the model out to see if it was gold or not then cramming it back in there to rip into the next one.

How many of you guys buy these rare models and for what purpose really? Is it just to have a rare collection or for investment?

I use to collect a lot of rarer models but then I realized I was buying models I didn't really care about or want and that was taking away from the models that really matter (Ford/NH blue ;)) so I sold off most of the models I didn't care about and kept the ones I did :)

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