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Weise Toys 2012


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W1018 MB Trac 1300 'Terrareifen' (1984-1987) / €54,90 / March 2012


W1019 Fendt Xylon 522 with front loader(1994 - 2004) / €64,90 / March 2012


W1020 Deutz-Fahr Agrostar DX 6.31 (1990 - 1993) / €54,90 / June 2012


W1021 Schlüter Euro Trac 1900 LS (1991 - 1994) / €64,90 / December 2012


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Happy days, that is a fantastic looking line up of models due for release from Weise. Always been a huge fan of their MB-Tracs so the 1300 will be a must for me, and kudos to them for producing the Deutz DX6.31. Between them and Schuco with the big DX230 I really hope we see a lot more DX's in 1/32nd scale......roll on a 6.81 and 6.50....please!

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I would like to see 1021-Schluter Euro Tractor 1900LS(1991-1994)/December 2012. It's price $64.90 only. It's manufactured by Weise toys and manufactured art number has 1021. Tractor's axes two colors like red and gray. It is very beautiful model and it is my first farm toy collection.

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