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Fellside Forest (Home of Valley Timber Services)

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Start of my 1/16th scale forestry diorama, it's still very much work in progress but i've slowly begun to make a start and hope to keep updating progress as it happens ;)

Pics taken at a local rally, just to test the water to see what it looked like put together in its present form but hope to expand on it when time allows.







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That looks a very nice scale to work with. Where did you get your figures from?

Figures are by G and M Originals, i've a couple that are standing and a couple that seated. I had looked at bruder figures, given time they might be useful ;) 1/16th a bit of something different and a change from 1/32nd scale.

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Amazing work Paul, looking forward to seeing how your forestry themed layout progresses, it contains some fantastic detail already. Hopefully i'll get to see it in the flesh one day too. :)

Cheers David i appreciate the comments :) , I hope that as it develops and grows Fellside Forest will remain a transportable display, so if all goes well it should attend a few shows up and down the country ;)

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best get a better hill to test that county out mind :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: say 35 degrees ?? plenty of mud on it

There's a couple of ideas that i'd like to attempt Sean so will see how it goes, it's trying to work out how to do what i'd like but keep it robust enough and easily transportable. ;)

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how big will it be mate?? easiet way at a guess would be insulation board?? cut and shaped, should be nice and light then to

At the minute Sean its on three 3 foot by 2 foot boards that when put out make a 6 foot by 3 foot display, i'm hoping to increase this but the actual finished size is a bit unknown at the moment. Transporting a larger display when based on the 3 by 2 board system isn't too much of a problem, My old 1/32nd scale farm which was 18 foot by 5 foot transported well, but now working in 1/16th it'll take a few more boards to get a sense of the bigger scale of things :)

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Cheers Justin appreciate your comment, thought it would be good to have somewhere to put those 1/16th conversions to good use ;)

Its a great looking diorama going there,but the Major with the front loader does it for me. Its a classy little tractor. :P
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Not much been happening down in the woods...... Work sort of came to a standstill but hoping to get back on with the project over winter. Plus i'm sure there be an odd order for a landy load of firewood now that winter is on its way :laugh: :laugh:

Should be a bit further on by the time the shows start again next year :)

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