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Replicagri 2024


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If you go by some peoples comments else where the model can only be a 168 178 or 188  and only in 4wd format as its got its 4wd box inline , its about 3 mm in scale terms and an absolute ar5e to join the chassis , let alone re alinging  pipes ect if you do want to cut it out  to get a true 2wd chassis . So stick to the decals is what i say , shame that they didnt get the uk style mf flexi and delux cabs offered over Europe , we might just have got one then  at some point 

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there are a few french ones about down this way paul,know of at least 2, 856 xl  out on dartmoor, ones always on a  bush wacker,parks near cornwood, the others on a farm out princetown way. both 4wd .they have the full rounded arches, ones that limited edition  version with the white stripes on the bonnet and cab, and red on the wheels .

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23 minutes ago, IH885XLMAN said:

Hi the 885 was pure UK  closest model  would be replicagris IH 845 xl black fender edition   

Thanks Simon yes i ordered the above, with me today hopefully👍

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Hi all,


There are some specific differences between (French or German built) 844's - 845's - 856's and the British 85-series (in this case a 885XL).
- Mudguards on the cab are different
- Gearshifting-handles are on the left side in the 85-series
- Bonnet is quite different
- Exhaust is different
- Probably the wheelbase is different, may be shorter at the 85-series.

In my (humble) opinion oit's about time some manufacturer should start producing the UK-built series of IH-tractors, since they not only were sold in the UK, but alos on the mainland. But what's my opinion.....?????

Keep (y)our fingers crossed!!


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