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scania p cab 6 wheel tipper

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fnhir, sorry but wife didnt buy it (single but activley looking) family friend bought me it years ago

mjb1, i was thinking the same about the chassie but cut into the lorry one  and cant mount rams there now :-[ also trailer body slightly longer, not a 5min job to make it fit like that.

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Sparrow legs, I'm with the others on this, the tipper frame has got to be dropped to be realistic....paint will help to an extent but it will still look too high. It may be easier to build it on a Britains lorry chassis, they are that much lower, but obvioulsy you would have to add another axle for the same lorry...but on a positive note the Britains cab fits on a newray chassis with little work so the opposite may also be true

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Size and proportion wise it all looks like it couod work and be quite a little earner for you mate. The cab cut down has worked a treat and looks good for it. The trailer chassis is a problem though by the looks of it. I'd say perservere with it because the potential is there mate, definately.  :)

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been busy again with it, ya a right it didnt look right with a double chassie, got it lowered but lost the pivot point and the rams, working on the pivot and for the ram im going to make a 3 stage vertical ram behind the cab ;) i would like to make some more but the ridgids are no longer available :(  :'(

4c made the pcab so icant take the praise for that but works well with the tipping bodie.

i am working on a vacume tanker from a joskin tank, may interest deerest, need some more lorrys before i continue.

still hoping to fit the hookloader onto a 8 wheeler (six isnt big enough)

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