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Every Massey needs one of these super convos by 1/32 farmer

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whats that for to tow the massey one when it breaks down  ;D

the john deere ones are still easy enough to get hold of through aren't they  :-\

not sure, havent really been looking for one, might have to call into a dealers :-\ :-\

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now come on boys, heres a little thought for your single ford or jd brains cells ;):D :D :D

, if masseys are that bad,how come the only proper service van made so far by rc2 is a jd one??????

because they always break down,

fords aint bothered with as the service van as the transit always breaks down before they even get to the stricken nh in the field :D :D

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I suspected as much... Old Steve is a closet Massey Ferguson fan really...  The worst kind.... I'd better lock up my brochure collection I reckon... just to be on ther safe side..

I bought a van from Mike at Spalding in 1884... well... a long time ago anyway... with the sole intention of doing that to mine.... thing is... my Masseys havn;t broken down once since...

I could do a Ford one I guess... but better make that a Sprinter van with all the miles it will be doing  :-*

Seriously though...

Very nice Steve... very nice indeed mate... can we have some closer pics please sometime.. don;t let Barry take them.. he is as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise when it comes to taking pics  >:(

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yeah it prob is a bit to small, wonder if i could get any old stlye 1/32 van from somewhere, think i have seen a vw camper one somewhere

when I was an apprentice sean we had the "beetle van" pick ups... superb vehicle as well... would go juist about anywhere.... as the apprentice it was my jon to hop on the back bumper and jump up and down... you could get just about anywhere like that  ;)
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