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New Ford 5000/6600 comparison pictures


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the new one is a good job, pity about the linkage:( it won't fit too well for my evrard spray too well. but everthing else is good on it

I think overall it is a good model, the hitch is something most of us are learning to live with..... or change!

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Hi jason are the 5000s out in the shops now or is it just

some of the dealers that have them

if they are out now im off to welshpool  :P :P :P :P :P

Mine was from G and M Nigel. I don't expect you will see them in the shops for a week or two yet.  :-\

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I'd imagine the wheel size plays a role in the height difference, though the new one does look slightly larger. According to RC2 they got the measurements from a real one so hopefully it's the correct one?  ??? However in recent years we've had a 1:28 slurry tank and a 1:34.5 Fastrac from the same RC2

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According to Craig, the New model is correctly scaled, the previous version is slightly underscale....according to Britains that is. Anyone taken any measurements?

well i have just for you now andy

height first

models 8cm high,which equates to 2.56 m in real size

box spec lists it as 1.65 m high


models tip of bonnet to tip of rear arches 10.5 cm whish is 3.36m

box spec lists 3.66m????


model rear wheels edge to edge 6.3cm which equates to 2m 1 cm

box spec lists  1.73

so not really even by their specs

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just of to the loft now andy :D

old version, same marks for measuerments to make it fair

height 7.2 cm which equates to 2.3 m

lenght 9.5 cm which equates to 3m 4 cm

width 5.5 cm which equates to 1.76 m

so to me the older ones a better scale bar the height

mind you would they have the same cabs on the 6000 and the 5000 like the older britains one does??

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something i have just noticed, and so far have never seen before on a britains production box is the text in the pic on the back i quoute

"image shown is prototype and actual model may vary"

do you think we are going to see a revised model steering wise and detail wise at some point, as the pic is identical to the model in the box??

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does any body have the real 5000 and 6600 specs in a brouchure so we can compair them?? i know the 5000 was smaller, so i wonder if they have scaled to a 6600 rather than the proper 5000????

I've just dug out the sales brochure for the 1975 safety cab 6600 here and it quotes the following figures based on 7.50x16 6 ply front tyres and 13.6/ 12x38 6 ply rear tyres.

Overall length 144 in or 3660 mm

Overall width ( min track ) 69 in or 1750 mm

Overall height with safety cab 97 in or 2465 mm

Wheelbase 88 in or 2235 mm

Ground clearance under front axle 18 in or 450 mm

Ground clearance under transmission 16.3 in or 414 mm

Weight with cab approx 6000lbs or 2700 kgs  a real light weight   :)

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Another factor to consider when trying to calculate the scale from the sizes I posted up is that the new model looks to be on larger 16.9 x 34 size wheels and tyres and that could change things slightly too but not by much   :-\  Don't panic I have just dug out the brochure for the 7600 model with safety cab and the only measurement that changed was the under front axle clearance. Up 1 inch or 25.4 mm and those figures are based on 7.50 x 18-8 ply fronts and 16.9/ 14x34- 6 ply rears 

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