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Britains 7000 - Improved

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What have you done you bully  :'( :'(

A once great model has been turned into that  :'( :'(

Stop it Shrek  ;) That is one lovely model and the time and effort you have put into that model must make you very proud  ;)

Good stuff  ;)

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Woah there horsey!!!! Fancey making another?  :)

make that two... What a beauty... I'm sitting here crying... that is simply stunning Allis.... Flipping hec... I want one now.... you are gonna have to make me (and Tris) one Allis... or I may well start a "picket" outside your house  :o:D :D :D

The cab is stunning.... the roll up window... the numberplate.....  :o - Wicked.... Sean is gonna love it as well....

Thanks for posting  :P

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Thanks everyone for all the compliments, simple enough little convo really, Modified 7000 cab , used a plastic card overlay for the doors, then filed out the windows to match the 188 shape, and a plastic card roof.. Bonnet came from two 135 bonnets joined and some plastic card. Grill is scratch built, a few other little details from scrap. And a big thanks to DPB for letting me have some 135 bonnet side decals at Toytrac last weekend, just the job to finish it off. I think if I could do it ,anyone could.

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well that was a shock, fantastic job :P :P :P . i wonder if Markys going to see it, so that means under every massey theres a ford. ::)

no mark it means that this is how every ford wishes it was  ;):D :D

well done allis, an absolutly fantastic trasformation  :) :) :)

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