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What combines have you driven?


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Well have had who drove the combine so now we have what combines did you ever drive?

For me it is:

Laverda M112 - bit of levers everywhere but still a well capable 10' machine

Deutz Fahr 2780 (red) - nice machine to drive - pity her mechanical condition wasn't better :( - though this year it will be a Deutz 3580 ;D ;D

So over to you..........

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I've driven a few as you'll see, one of the perks of being the combine driver was getting to play with demonstrators ;D

MF 865 18' Powerflow

Claas Maxi 118SL 20' burnt out 2 years ago, shame as a good machine

New Holland CX880 30' brand new on demo, ran rings around our 460

New Holland CR980 30' Brand new on demo

Case AFX8010 30' what a heap of sh!t

Claas Lexion 480 30'

Claas Lexion 580 Terra Trac 30' Vario brand new on demo

Claas Lexion 570 30' Vario brand new on demo

Claas Lexion 460 25' covered 1300hrs with it in the 5 years it was mine

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In actual work just the Dom 85 & 78s.

In my days as a service engineer, JD 955, 1075, 1085, 1177, Claas Dom 98SL, 106, 108SL, Commander 228 [beast in its day!], NH 1530, 8050, TF42 or 72 or 78 or something, think that's about all.

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john deere 955 ;D

first was a massey 525, then a mf 625 super 2

Volvo BM S830, Volvo BM S950, Dronningborg 3/4000S, JD 1075 and MF 520.

Just the 1530 I'm afraid, and then not very much :)

Now we are talking - nice old classic gear ;D ;D ;D

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have drive an older one to colm, but cant remember what mf it was now, oh and i forgot alos driven a jd1075 a couple of times, when they had one on demo, but they didnt buy it, couldnt get on with it???? for some reason

Our contarctor had one of those - the greatest ball of scrap that ever came in the place - she couldn't thresh the crop regardless - loads out the back end - heard later he had put the wrong wires in the concave :(

500, 515 or 510 maybe Sean ??? ???

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quite possibly mate, long time ago now, as for te jd, they didnt trade the 625II in when it arrived, they had the fore sence to keep hold of her, so it wasnt a prob, seem to remember my uncle ,who was a jd fitter at the time, doing several visits to do repairs on it over the 3 months or so they had it, hardly a glowing report for a brand new machine when they got it

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