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John Deere 5430I SP Sprayer Image


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I think it will be mid £20 bracket.

I think this photo was taken some time ago and was told several changes have been made since then, but it seems fairly close to completion to me.

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i might have been tempted by this but then i just look at the new uh amazone and i know whih one ill be getting

Dennis, you can't compare a model by UH to a toy from RC" (britains)

I agree that UH is better but wouldn't be safe with an 8 year old

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Where's Ben to dampen all our spirits  ::) ::):D :D

i'm here!!....not always negative about RC2 products Simon, its just there recent efforts, as everyone knows have been poor in comparison with everyone else, so they owe it to themselves to pick up the standard, i'm just man enough to say it on here so they hopefully read it, anywayi used to always buy Britains and never anyone else but recent years its not the same!, we have been spoilt for choice and others have gotten better where as RC2 havent really :-\ :-\

looks ok though....for a JD, of course we shall have to see the final model, i dont like to get my hopes up anymore with RC2! :D :D :D, but if all goes well it could be a great model!

Are they common here anyway or is it another American product for us, i've only ever seen the bateman and Hardi versions?? :-\ :-\, come on Jez, Simon, tell me!

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