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New Beef Shed


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Whether this turns into a layout or not yet, I am not quite sure but I wanted to build a shed for myself for future use and here it is. A modern day beef suckler shed in the making. It is split into two pens, with gates that pen the cattle off of the passage for mucking out. Another gate at either end will help for mucking out the straw bedding area.

The initial five spans go up. The shed measures 320mm x 590mm



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Thanks chapperoonies! It's nice to be back at it again I must admit. .... isn't it Traci. .. . . Oh, she's gone quiet on that one!  :-[:laugh:

As for the angles, Jez.... cut them big and trim them down  :laugh: :laugh:

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looks great Tris, good to see the bigger pics than the phone pics you sent me!!!!....and further ahead than me!!! ;):D

I thought it was bigger than the dims you said it was when i looked at the pics, mine cant be that much smaller! :-\

hinges.....any pics??? :) :) :)

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