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Homegrown roller scratch build

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As promised in my intro post, here's my roller. It's still pretty early days. I'm not sure, but I suspect the prototype  might be home made, but I could be wrong.





Here's my reference photos:




And the obligatory, thing in motion photo:



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Thanks folks. 

Wonder if it was a Kidd roller that got repaired/rebuilt as it is now? iirc it was bought from a farm sale to replace an even older roller which is still in the field. I wanted to use that one tbh as it's a little smaller and this blue one only just fits through the gate, but I think someone has had the end of the drawbar from it for something else. 

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thanks folks - spent abit more time today on this (took photos and then saw I'd forgotten the fillers on the ends of the rollers) I've added them now, but no more pics.



I would have liked to do a bit of priming, but it's too cold, so I cracked on with this. I've bought my wife, a keen equestrian, a heavy horse day for xmas. Since it doesn't give her something to unwrap on the day, I've been working on a little diorama which has a scale version of her on it - as close as I can get with the tools available anyway. Still needs a bit of paint tidy up on her, I'll just hit the toy horse with a bit of a matt varnish when it's warmer this week. In the box with it will be the detail of the experience. I've done stuff like this before for other relatives for Caterham 7 driving, tank driving, trip to see Swan lake on ice and a JCB experience.



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As it was mild here, I got some primer on the roller, only to find the end had lost a chunk of resin. Here it is, some filling and filing later:



I'm home alone this weekend (LadyTainly is working) so I should be able to get some paint on this, then to just work out how to get a 674. 

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