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Gin Horse Engine House


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A few of you may be aware of a particular project I have been worknig on for the last couple of years on and off. The idea was to get an extension to my house which is a former mill to provide extra living space for the family. The planning applications alone have taken approx two years to deal with for this particular extension, permission was granted in January 2006 and finalised around March of that year. I have in actual fact made several different applications going back as far as 1999 all of which were turned down for varied reasons. After countless meetings, plans and letters back and forth we were graced with a new conservation officer for the area who having looked at all the applications I had submitted decided to call in for a cup of tea one morning with me, my better half and my architect. Two hours later, after a nosey around the house and my model collection and a few pots of tea, the conservation officer informed me, my architect and the young planning officer for the area what he would like to see on the plans that would be submitted by the following Friday and if the plans were as he had agreed on site then they would be passed..... simple as that!

Anyway a few pictures and then back to do some work.... if you have any questions, let me know and I'll answer them later when I post up some more pictures.

Junior assisting with the early excavation work;


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looking good jason nice stonework you found a good man for the trowel then  ;) are you going to put a new door way in where the downpipe is jason into the new extension

Thanks...  :-[

Yes, I'll be knocking through into the main house just to the left of the existing fall pipe.  :)

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Blimey, where I live Jase your garden shed would have required planning permission!! So what swayed the new guy in favour of granting you your application? Also, what did he think of your model collection?

Congratulations and good luck buddy.

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