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What a monster... I want want want one...

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same era as the 48'S mark ? looks a beast , but overly big when compared to todays rigid tractors . ok so the detroit throws out 390hp , but 375 for the cummins , isnt bad considering fendt have the 936

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Imagine trhe faces if you pulled up at the local road run in one of these  :D :D


To the best of my knowledge... one of the biggest Masseys ever made...  Badge engineered though I am ashamed to say  :-[

                In a way your quite right to say it's badge engineered, as the tractors were built for MF by McConnell [uS], however , MF had previously sold the 4800 range tooling and rights to Ward McConnell. So the 5200, although not actually built by MF were in fact from a thoroughbred MF lineage. Later AGCO would buy the McConnell tractor company and uprate the 5200's as the Agcostar range of tractors

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hell marky that thing is a beast

u got any more info on her



Sorry Reece.. I do have a back page to this leaflet... I'll post that up mate shortly... I'm not sure if a bigger brochure of the 5200 exists.. I've never seen one...

I guess they would only make a small few of these giants... perhaps it wasn't worth investing in the cost of a large glossy brochure  :-\

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Dear Marky,

Very nice! I have this one. The MF 5200 was produced by Ward McConnell in the States for Massey Ferguson. Later tractors were painted in McConnell's yellow colour scheme. There are leaflets for these as well, although I don't think they sold many.



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That is a very nice machine, the first time i have seen one was at a farm show in the USA back in 1990.

It had a microwave and a little fridge in the cab, i could not believe it.

Here is a picture i made back than, it is scaned out off my scrap book so not real clear, sorry about that.

The last i heard scale models is going to do a 1/16 model of this tractor in 2009, based on the Agco star they did in the past.

For the massey guy's, i also put a 3680 pic on here.




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You really should come and see Lois and I Mark. The boss of a friend of mine had 2 of those, still has one.

The one he still has started life with the Detriot engine but one autumn evening after spending the day doing primary tillage work with it, he decided to drain the engine oil overnight and finish the oil-change before he started work early the next morning.

Unfortunately, very early the next morning his Dad came over and decided to use the tractor to move a large (100') set of harrows over to the workshop to work on them. The tractor seized on its way back to the workshop.

It now has a 500hp Cummins truck engine. Seems he wasn't too much bothered, he's a Cummins guy anyway.  :-\

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