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As its been raining   :(  got a bit bored so made this not up to the standards off u guys layouts but anyway  ;D 

( wasnt sure if pics were 6 per post so thats what i have done if its wrong sorry )







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I'll echo Will's comments, far more impressive than what I could ever imagine achieving on a rainy day, tidy silaging fleet you have there Taz, and also reminds me I'd quite like one of those Siku John Deere foragers in my collection. Keep up the good work. :)



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Thanks everyone  :)  when i have some time & money going to make a permanant disply hopefully ??? few things i need to do for the tractors is do something with the fronts because they are a bit rough and get my hydralic pipes on the trailers  ;)  ( might be post a few other things, now i have the hang off it ;) )

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nice work mate, some great shots there, can i ask, where did you get the tall stone wall sections??? like the look of those could use some on my layout along a track side

Thanks everyone watch this space  ;)

& the wall sections are from the early learning centre i belive had them for years, so unsure if you could still get them  ???

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Very tidy layout there Taz like the number plate detailing but what are the pins for on the front of the silage traliers  :-\ :-\ ;) ;)

Thanks  ;)

They are bolts because i drilled the rivets out so i could remove the silage sides so i can use the trailer for grain

Very impressive for a wet afternoon lad ;)Nice silage fleet you have there,signage on the trailers is a nice touch

Thanks  ;D adds a bit off reality to the silage crew i thought  ;)

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