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Massey Ferguson 3060 2WD

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Hello guys!

I show you my new conversion: The Massey Ferguson 3060 in 2WD version.

Based on MF590 UH chassis, and the cab and the bonnet is from MF3080 UH.

The decals are from my friend Luismi.

Thanks to Mark (Lord Ferguson) for the brochure!

I expect that it like you!

Regards from Spain!





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Thanks Deere-est  :laugh:

Thanks, DMarshallModels, the fron axle is from PMA32, and the fronts wheels also. The rear whells are from Ford 7810 UH.

Thanks, Ranger206, I´m very pleasured that it like you!

Thanks Farmermilkin82.050!

Thanks Justy 46, you have made a lot of fords that are also very well!

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Thanks guys!

Johny mf, the MF590 chassis have only a little  modification, only cut the front, for give the tractor the real length, and cut a bit the square part when the seat is fixed, for adapt the cab of MF3080.

Also must be cutted the 4WD fix and transmision, and add the 2wd fix  in the right place. Then, I add the 4WD fixation piece ahead the 2WD.

The rest is only mount the MF3080cab, and place it in the right possition.. The bonnet of the MF3080 must be cutted in the right length., and add details, front weights, filters, ect... is an easy conversion.





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Hello José

Wow what a nice conversion !!!

Like always you did a perfect job ! verry professional work !!  ;)

I love 2 wheel drive tractors 

Thanks for the pictures and the info José

Best Regards Jan

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Thanks Johny MF. Yes, this conversion is most easy if you use the MF590 chassis

Thanks JanMF. I also like the 2WD tractors a lot!  ;)

I´m working now on a MF245. You´ll see soon!


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