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1/32 Precisions

Bill Walters

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I currently have two precision models which I am very impressed with, a John Deere 9420 and a Case STX450 which has been modified into a quadtrac.

I'm very impressed with both these models and will be buying more at some stage, one I would definately like to see is a proper version of the quadtrac which would utilise a lot of existing moulds and therefore would require minimal tooling, I would definately buy one and I'm pretty certain it would appeal to collectors on both sides of the pond! ?

Here's a pic of my modified one;

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No show F.P :)

Bill, as "the other green" says, could you list the brands that you feel would be possible contenders, obviously they have to appeal very much to the U.S.

As for a general comment on the range of precisions, I think if you keep the quality and detail up enough, in Europe at least, many collectors will not ignore a stunning model because of its brand, but collect it due to impressiveness.If there could be a tractor that commonly(ish) exists in both the U.S and Europe, so much the better.

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i PM'd him as not to make it obvious....i think a numpty award should now be awarded!

How about some better precision combines, enhance the JD STS a Little more with hydraulic pipes etc and add a header trailer?, just another quick thought!! ;):)???

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Here's my 2 cents....for what it is worth.

I was thinking along the lines of a

MF 1200

NH TJ450 or 9880 (I know these are made already in 1/32) Not really up on my tractors, something along those lines...

or perhaps

a self propelled sprayer (preferably Case but JD would be okay) :)

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i know what you mean ihp,you can't please all of the people can you,would be nice to see a fergy of some kind,very few people make them now,it's a brand that seems to have gone missing with toy manufacturers,not really sure why as they do sell well in real life.

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How about a Cat MT865 crawler?? I'm sure that would be a big hit here and across the pond or as FP says a Quadtrac would also be good or a Massey Ferguson 8480.

Maybe a precision implement instead a Kinze drill or chaser bin ???


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wheeled deere 9620 or 9630 by the time it is to be released and a Case  quadtrac could be nice.  I don't think the colour will be anything but red or green, right bill????

A precision combine would be very nice but I don't think it will happen, pity. Or how's about a precision 4920 sprayer, could be supplied in either sprayer or dry fertilizer forms. Or how about a precision cotton picker, that would be something different.

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