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BGU now owns a Tractor!!


Which One??  

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  1. 1. Which One??

    • Grey Fergie
    • MF35

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OK after a long long time I have now been given a price for the two tractors I was after on the farm I go to.

The choice is this-

1) A Grey Fergie which is complete (ish) but doesn't run for ?400.

2) A MF35 which runs - poor starter. In a better condition for ?800.

I can keep them on the farm and do the occasional work to pay for their board!!

What do you think? I wonder if I will ever get the grey one going or if it will cost me lots of money?

I have no intention of doing loads of work with them - would like to do a ploughing match eventually. Having been inspired by Banana man!! :D :D :D

Opinions please??

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Get the grey Fergie me old fruit i know somone that can do the tin work for you.  ;D Seems a good deal do some work for there board on the farm i looked at restoring a old Ford 7700 but couldnt get the farmer to part with it even though he dont use it anymore i was gutted. :'(

Don't like to abuse friendship but I can also pay as and when monthly!!! :)

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Well Kev... for me it could only be the 35... few reasons (apart from the fact it is red)...

1. Better for ploughing matches

2. It's a runner - most of the bad starters just need timing up again (simple job).. and they start fine

3. It's red... did I mention that

4. It's got a bit more "grunt" than a grey

5. Better re-sale value - 35's are making more and more money.. Greys seem to be static in their current value

6. It's red

7. Parts are easy to obtain... lots of companies are making the bits for them now

8. It's the first tractor you drove (I think)

9 and 10 escape me for now... but I say go for a 35...

Good luck in whatever you choose though mate.... I am sure you'll have HUGE fun in whichever you choose to purchase  ;);D

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The Grey fergie is it petrol or worse still petrol parafinn ?? If you want to plough I would suggest a diesel one (TEF 20) since less bother stopping starting or stalling as the case may be.

The MF 35 is it a 3 or 4 cylinder diesel one?? The 4 cylinder ones were notorious for being bad starters just like the gold bellied ones which preceded them. A 3 cylinder MF35 diesel should be a better starter.

I think only you can decide after weigh up the pros and cons and ofcourse the likely repair costs to each.

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In my experience petrol parafinn's can be tempremental . They have to be hot and working to run well on parafinn or heating or aviation fuel as you need to run them now since TVO ( tractor vapourising oil) is no longer available. The other trouble with P/P is the ignition system especially if a magneto although I don't think that age of MF would have had a mag but by then onto a distributer / ignition system.

I found bad starting with petrol and petrol parafinn tractors ( alebeit Internationals and Farmalls to be dirty points / dirty plugs / dud batteries etc ... all fairly simple fixes

Any photos of the old girl to show us Kev???

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I am a Fergie fan but know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of them,

Sunday mornings a trio of oldies runs through the village always headed by a Fergie with an old Massey and another unidentified.  Certainly a lad in the village has a collection of restored tractors with some still to go. 

I personally would go for the Fergie 'cos I love them and for no better reason but is there someone who will join you? 

Find a soul mate, go halves and BUY BOTH

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I would guess the Grey Fergie won't have a major starting problem (when mine didn't work it was either the battery or points in the distributor).....

One question perhaps worth asking is if they have had anti-freeze in them as if not cracked engine blocks may be a problem.....

Make sure the 35 has a heat manifold over the exhaust to run on the Petrol/Paraffin.....It is of course possible to run it purely on petrol but this is expensive and the petrol side of the tank is much smaller than the paraffin side.....

To give you an idea I paid ?440 for my Fergie four or so years back and it started at the time but the body work wasn't great and at that time a pal of mine said I paid too much..... :o

www.holland-brand.co.uk and www.fofh.co.uk may be useful sources of info.....Especially the first site.....Graham and Mark were very helpful when I began my restoration..... :)

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Updates for you all - my relitive is coming over on saturday to view both. He used to be an MF engineer and worked on both!!

The 35 is a 4 cylinder - petrol parafin made about 1950 -58

The grey Fergie is a TEA-20 made around the same time.

Update and photos saturday. By saturday pm I should own a Tractor!! :D :D

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Kev e baby... got some news for you today - I had a sleepless night... so I went and asked my mate the MF "oracle" ... I've PM'd you my phone number... give me a ring and I'll give you the "goss"  ;)

This man is a real gem!! Thanks for the info Marky

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