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here's my effort at an MF 699 & this time it's not just a modification of something off the shelf  :-\

britains volvo BM chassis

ros hurliman floorpan & cab

britains 2680 bonnet & grill

siku 5455 front & rear wheels

britains ford exhaust, drilled out & curved top pipe

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Interesting chassis choice, any reason? :)

wow nice job



nice tractor marcuss and nice display mate ;)

thanks chaps  :)

rob the chassis choice was largely down to sean , who'd built his on the same , although others from the spares box were considered, the BM was the prefered choice.

because of the design of the BM casting around the front axle mount it also let me use the siku axle to full effect to give me a fully articulate front axle 


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:o :o :o what a great convo marcus!

I love it

Ive got one in mind for the future but don't know wen i am going to begin!

I already got the bonnet and will make the cab and rear fenders myself just like my 690 but first want to make other MF's!

Don't like to make two same kind cabs and rearfender in short time!

But i realy love this convo!!

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I have seen this and even driven it down the track to Leveret's Farm and I have to say lads, she is a beauty. Nothing expensive was used on it, just Marcus's intuition and knowledge of how a real one should look and this is how a real one looks!! A real gem of a conversion.

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