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What's your latest new Brochure or manual.. list them here...

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Use this topic to post your latest brochure/manual purchase(s)... feel free to list them or better still post up a photo or scan of the front page perhaps  :-\ .. don't forget to tell us the reason you bought it... or any interesting facts about it (or the real machine)..

Remember... if you do post a link to eBay for your latest buy tell us what it is underneath... eBay links don't last very long before they get wiped off the system  :-\

I've just bought a rarely seen Australian Buyers guide (much like our MF pocket catalogues)..


and an MF35 Industrial brochure... which I'd never seen until this one appeared on eBay...


and an early MF forage harvester... once again, one that I'd never heard of..


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very nice finds there Mark! i'll puy my latest purchases here too, when they have arrived.. Had some really nice additions already last week :

[img height=185 width=146]http://www.fordcrazy001.com/photos/NL1949-38.jpg

Ford 8N Dearborn. dates 1949 and is a Dutch brochure.. quite .. well.. VERY RARE  ;D

[img height=177 width=146]http://www.fordcrazy001.com/photos/FRA7910.jpg

French brochure of the Ford 7910 - 1982, is also the more rare of the 10-series brochures. Only the 7810 brochure is harder to come by.

[img height=181 width=148]http://www.fordcrazy001.com/photos/NL717.jpg

Dutch brochure of the Sperry New Holland 717 forager. late 70's i think. If i ever am going to make a custom scratch built model, this is the one i want to built. Including a Forage Box wagon of Sperry New Holland.

and last but not least :

[img height=228 width=149]http://www.fordcrazy001.com/photos/AD8958.jpg

An American brochure of the Fordson Super Dexta 2000. The English Fordson Super Dexta was imported in the US and got the 2000 addition as they had just started with the 1000-series. My father's second tractor was the Fordson Super Dexta, so has some extra sentimental value to own a brochure of this type of tractor. believe it is 1960'ish.

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Some nice additions there you Crazy Blue Idiot  :of:-*:D :D :D  ... there is no beter feeling than bagging something quite rare in the brochure collection hobby I reckon  :P

thanks you Lordship  ;)  . Definately is satisfying to add something rare to your collection, surely if it is something you never see on any auction site but find by pure luck and through fellow collector's ;D . But guess you felt similar when you added that industrial 35 brochure to your collection.. 8)

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I am soooo loving this topic already... why the hell didn't we think of it before... Paul... some cracking pocket catalogues there mate... do you have the June 1985 one mate... I've got a duplicate if not I think  :-\

Sean... cracking stuff too... I'm going to talk to the big cheese about re-kindling our idea for a brochure download site I think  :-\

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well the farmhands getting built next after the collins, then a cooks set like that one on the 35x and the bale sledge

i love to collect the more obscure stuff to be honest mark, like that combine i told you about, thats the next big build, and again very different

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Great to see this post and everyone's latest tractor brochure purchases. Lord F....that MF 35 industrial is a rare one indeed. I've got it myself, but I've only ever seen the one I have before you turned up with the one from eBay.

Can someone explain to me how I can get pictures of my latest brochure buys posted onto the site? I'm a novice at such things.


R Day

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I might sound stupid as its local but were Pettit trailers made in Peterborough, that looks like the brickworks in the background of the brochure cover picture. ::)

petits were built at moulton, before becoming a manufacturer they were also contractors too
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email them to me Rory.. I'll stick them up for you mate  :)

and thanks for the heads up on the 35ind... I'm even more chuffed with it now then  ;D ... I think that's what makes my hobby so much more enjoyable.... the thrill of the chase.. and the feeling of satisfaction when you do bag a rare one

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