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Massey Ferguson 690 2Wd

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As the topic name say´s an MF 690 2wd.

I had it almost complete when i heard that UH is coming with one! :'( >:(

Mine is almost finished it still needs some decals (synchro 12 and a licenseplate on the back)

Also i must look at some minor points that need some painting or so.

The model is based on the UH MF 590 that i shortend the chasis of and placed a PMA frontaxle with the rims of PMA.

For the back wheels i used the rim of the UH MF 590 and Paul Ogier made the wheelweight for me (thanks Paul)

The engine covers on the side of the bonnet are like my uncle´s MF has them and they were part of the VAMIL agreement (for an better enviorment).

For the cab i used the Weisse toys MF 1014 cab and made the gearleavers inside the cab like the 600´s have!

The gril is a modifyed from the UH MF 590.

well enough said here is the model.







I hope you lad like the model?

Kind regards Johny

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she some wagon. Pma loooks great on her. bonnet excellent. how'd you build it?

brings back memories of one i used to drive. big grain trailer on. Going flat out down a hill..first i had her out of the yard, never really got to check the breaks right. nearing the gate to turn in i put the foot on the brakes..left side only working :of :of full lock on right and tractor bouncing as i had keep knocking breaks on and of...near had whole operation wrecked.

If only i had have bothered plugging in them trailer breaks ::) ::):-[

here is a picture of her with the trailer..Mighty yoke. could pull for ireland..full load of grain not a bother..in low gears.. ;D ;D


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Thanks for the good reply´s i am glad you guy´s like the model!

@Sean: yeah it is true indeed i have the model the way i want it and it isnt mass produced

@Joe: it is on a table with a glass shelf indeed milkglas i think its called and with the sun shining on it you get this result!

And a new camera also forgot to mention (Nikon D 3100 ;D )

@Mark: Thanks mate glad to hear that from a massey lover like you! ;)

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