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New Holland T8.300 LCN


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On second thought, it probably is his daughter, but it's good to see something different, as quite often i see tractor drivers with their wife/girlfriend/daughter in the passenger seat, just yesterday i saw a bloke in a mxm 120, must have been late 50s early 60s, with his wife in the passenger seat! Made me giggle a bit  :laugh:

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It is the LCN club who run the Zwolle show in Holland, I assume that this is the show model although they are also doing a "club members" model this year as well which is a Deutz

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The LCN is indeed a club for farmmodelcolectors.

This NH is indeed for the show they organice i think this is the prototype for the showmodel.

Normaly they do more details on the model so i think we are going to see more.

The clubmodel is also for this year but orderdate has closed for several months now.

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I would assume that as the standard Siku T8 is not available yet this prototype of the limited edition for the LCN show is based on a Siku prototype ;)

i hope so paul,although,(imo)its not the best looking of tractors anyway,not the same presence as a case magnum
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I Agree with Paulali as those wheels and tyres look odd, however we will just have to wait for the finished model.

There a new T8.390 heading to a farm near me in the next week or so and sitting in the dealers yard it looks ok but not as nice as the CASE 340  IMO ;)

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Having bought the standard siku model for the T8 and being a little underwhelmed it's interesting looking at this LCN model as they have addressed everything that is wrong with the the standard version.

- cab interior is all painted

- much improved wheels

- steps are silver not black

- 4 little lights at front are painted (note the Britains prototype seems to be missing these entirely)

- decent front weight

- some engine colour detail

- ad blue cap is blue

Can you only get this model if you attend the show?

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