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new schuco 2023


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On 2/9/2023 at 2:13 PM, James Joe Dewar said:

Not sure but seem to recall a farm not to far from me had one of these many moons ago, The Horsch TT250.



Schuco Horsch TT250.jpg

There was also a new tier 5 deutz 9340 coming in the catalog. Some of the recent schuco is very good value, compared to the likes of wiking these days! 

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Why a 956 when Replicagri and Britains have them. An old Deutz DX 110 or a JD 6910 would make more sense. Doncaster IHs will be overlooked by the Germans as much as we would love them.. 

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I’d say the 6910 is on the cards. Much like the 7810 it has a great following too.

They will run the range of 8000 series then next one will be the 6910 for the Deere fans 😀

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The IH956 was promissed for 2022....................
Other manufacturers are also supplying this model, maybe slighty different.
But who can look behind the screens? Maybe in China they all use the same factory........?

We'll be surprised to see more of these clones............



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I welcome every classic.. But the IH 956 has already been done by Replicagri and Britains.. 

Why not a Doncaster IH.? 

And if not.. Give a Deutz DX, Ford 8210, 8340,4600,4000...JD 2130,6910....

Germany ain't the only nation that built tractors... Schuco...!! 


Something different... 




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Nice batch there, and glad to see different tyres/ wheels on the JD 8400 from the ones on the 7810s.  Thought they would just milk the cast & use the 7810 running gear so kudos to Schuco for going with R30/ R42s rims.

And that 8280 Deutz looks great, in fact the best looking SDF tractor todate imo.

Just hope they get them available before mid Sept when all hell could break loose🥴


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