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Something a bit different

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What can you do with one of these?



And one of these? ;D (please note, Claas for illustration only :D standard Valtra C used)


And the photograph that started it all;


First thing needed were dimensions; the wheelbase, length, height and tyre sizes were known so from these it was possible to scale a photograph to 1/32.

The photograph was then drawn over in a CAD programme to give the dimensions of the basic shapes.


Although the lonestar tractor is way out in almost all aspects, the cab thankfully very close in scale. The Valtra C was the closest match for the tyre size and wheel style of the Marshall. The Valtra C, being a four cylinder tractor, had a wheelbase that was a few mm too short for the 6 cylinder Marshall, but it could be adapted. Engine detail was of no concern as much would be hidden anyway.

The Valtra C gets stretched;



At this point the wheels were also repainted white - UH have unfortunatly used a nasty off-white plastic for their wheels. At this time, the lip of rubber on the sidewall beneath the tread was also removed from the tyres.

Next the Lonestar had to be split, retaining just the cab and floor pan, which was adapted from the Case mudguard style.


First fit to check all of the parts after the major structural work and fitment of the bonnet built from plastic card - cab roof filter was later rebuilt.



Once happy, the Marshall was primered and painted. The colour was achieved by mixing NH clayson yellow from Nigel Ford with Humbrol matt #103 until it matched the colour in the brouchure. Details and glazing were added and the front weight bracket was completed.

Which resulted in this;



Extra wheelbase visible here;


Difference in the colours of the wheels



Last one - What a Lonestar Marshall looks like in comparison;


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:o :o :o :o Very nice mate well done indeed. And a very well explained post aswell looks the business.

Thanks again everyone. On the above point, I was pretty annoyed at myself for not taking more photographs during the painting and detailing parts...but something I used to make the decals may help others (although it may have been discovered before) - To ensure the decals fitted, I placed the tractor bonnet and mudguards flat onto a scanner, which gave me a 1:1 image on the computer which meant when they were printed out, they were still 1:1. All of the lettering used came from scans of the brochure.

These may not fit another tractor, but may as well post them incase they are useful to someone;


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not bad for a fine minute knock up I suppose. ...


:o It's fantastic!!!! I wish models like this were taken into consideration by the big guns in 1/32 and produced to the standard you have done. It reaaly is tremendous, the fact you have taken the time to do a legend of British farming just adds the the super dooperness of the work itself. Bwilliant.  :)

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Re: the British tractors - this was another one of my motivations for doing it, it seemed to me that these tractors had been generally ignored, apart from the lonestar and I didn't want my model of a Marshall to look like that. I was tempted to badge this as a 125 just to have the big tractor in the range :D but I read that only 6 were produced ??? and felt that the 100 was a better model to represent the series.

And thanks again for all the compliments :)

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spot on, looks fab, starbrush started one along the same idea, uh chassie ect but never finnished it, great model, well done

Has anyone heard from Phil lately - he hasn't been around since July...

Stunning conversion, really shows up the LoneStar one!

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