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Dear members.

Many apologies for the recent forum downtime. It was always going to happen while I was many miles away from FTF HQ though I guess!

Anyhow, the problem was down to our hosting company and a major server fault while they were conducting maintainence. A few key FTF files that make the system tick were removed, so we have been trying to restore it all as quickly as possible from backups! Not easy when your 4000 miles away in a country that has poor internet service!

I think we are back running now though so fingers crossed thats the last of the problems! Keep an eye out though and report anything strange in this post!

I will be doing a complete once over on Tuesday.

Many thanks for your patience and I trust the experience was not too stressful for you all!

Kind regards


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Well done Andy, a day or two down whioe your on holiday isn't bad going. I hope we didn't take too much time out of your holiday and you enjoy the last couple of days. Now, get back to your Pina Collada, Del!!  :D :D

Mange Tu!!

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Mine`s just back and running this morning??????? anyway thanks too for your efforts.

I know it`s addictive despite me being away most of thespring/ summer every year once you get back into it all , it`s the first race on my computer at least even before an  e mail check !!! :o

I`ve no fingernails left, what hair I have has halved and I was trying to see how many folks e mail addy`s I had just in case !!!!! ::)

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The recent problem with FTF was down to our "old" service provider updating their software packages and having issues with this operation. The problem was not related to our pending server move.

I apologise for this recent problem, something I hope to avoid on the new server!

Many thanks


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No worries Andy. On a positive note my phone battery lasted all day for the first time in ages!!

:D :D - and again on the positive side... I actually did some work.. during working hours.. in the office.. at my desk  :o :o :o :o :o

On the downside... I found a strange women in my living room last night.. who CLAIMED to be my wife  :-\

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