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Whats on your workbench???

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looking good ricky ;)

on my bench are

cattle crush to finish,

artic trailer waiting for a floor

bale spike for claas 577 loader

a conversion of a tipper lorry into a trailer that has gone a bit pete tong

and in the outside workshop a steading for the display to get finished.

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On mine - a Ford 6600 (old version) to be 'weathered'

           - UH deutz k 100 siku MF5455 and UH ergos with loader and hedge cutter which are due, sometime before the next millenium, to 'come together'

            - my next cabinet - in bits

And a shed load of dust because I haven't had much time to do anything in the garage - it's too bleedin cold ::)

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Nothing as I don't have a workbench

Although in 1/32 land some of my workers are still waiting for theirs  :D :D :D

AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH They are here mate. ... all but good to go as well.. . . I WILL get them on their way I promise!!! Soon as well!!!

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The parts to make up 12 beet harvesters and 20 root trailers, a big can of silicone, 10 kg of liquid resin, several ploughs and a box of masters and molds to send back to someone ;D Think thats most of it.....oh I believe that there are also some pictures for a new project on there too ;D:D :D

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